Roast Potatoes


With the festive period fast approaching, thoughts of the huge amount of roast potatoes needing to be cooked soon comes to the forefront of many of our customers minds so to help where we care, I have written my tried and tested method of cooking roast potatoes on mass.

  1. Always start with the right potato. Floury ones are needed here so go for a Maris Piper, King Edward or Desiree.
  2. ALWAYS par boil them either in a pot or in a steamer. Once half cooked (but still with a firm center) drain in a colander (or place the steamer tray over a sink) to steam dry for 5 minutes to remove moisture.
  3. Then give them a ‘Ruffle’. Toss the potatoes gently in the colander or move the steamer tray back and forward to break up just the very outside of the potato. This will aid in crisping up the potatoes.
  4. HEAT THE OIL. Make sure the oil is hot before putting onto the potatoes. Rapeseed is best as it has a higher heat point but veg oil will do (or goose fat if your feeling very generous) I always put a ladle full in the tray then added the potato and then added 2 more ladles drizzled over the potato (for a normal Gastro size tin). Season with Sea Salt (or normal salt) and cracked black pepper. For added flavour, unpeeled garlic, rosemary or thyme can be added at this stage.
  5. Very gently toss the potatoes through the oil to coat.
  6. Place in a hot oven (180 – 200 degrees Celsius) for approx 1 hour. Turn up the oven to 210 degrees C for a further 10 minutes to really crisp up and colour the potatoes.

In my experience, a colourless roast potato is not pleasant to eat so don’t be frightened to but some good deep golden colour on your potatoes.

The last job, place one end of the tray onto a small bowl and allow the fat to drain towards the lower end whilst moving the potatoes to the high end. Do this while the potatoes are hot or they will soak up all the oil. Leave to drain in the tray for about 3 minutes and then place in a clean tray, serving bowl etc.