Customer Training Sessions

Here at Sheringhams Fine Foods we are always on hand to assist our customers in any way we can. This will always include prices, products and seasons but another avenue of assistance is pre designed and isolated training sessions.


With our on site chef to help in any way possible, training sessions for staff can be designed around the needs of the establishment or the requirements of the Head Chef.

It is not always possible, particularly in Group Business to arrange a suitable time and location to train younger chefs on Salads, Vegetarian dishes, fruit displays etc, so we offer our services to our customers to take the strain out of planning such a day and invite them to join us at Sheringhams for a tour of the Market with our Senior Buyer and a light hearted training session within our establishment.


The Market tour would start at 6am and would give our customers an insight into how their products are sourced. There would then be a tour of our facility so the participants could understand how their orders, once placed arrive at their door. We would then move on to have a light breakfast with tea and coffee before starting the training session.

If you would like any details regarding the tour or any training sessions you would like us to be involved in, please contact us directly.