Market Report 9th July ‘18 – 23rd July ‘18

Hello and welcome to the latest market report. We hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine. Apologies for the delay between this report and the last but it does mean we have plenty of delicious UK grown produce to tell you about.

The season for both UK and European Asparagus has finished and we are now stocking a combination of Peruvian and Mexican.

However, due to the air freight costs involved in getting it here the price has gone up slightly. The first UK Runner Beans are here but will remain expensive until availability improves in the coming weeks.

UK Radicchio is also back in season. English summer Cauliflower and UK Courgettes are now in full swing and currently great quality and value.

Kenyan Fine Beans, Mange Tout and Sugar Snap Peas have all been in short supply and Tenderstem Broccoli was unavailable because of quality issues due to difficult growing conditions in the East African country but supply of all the above is slowly getting back to normal and we are pleased to be able to offer Tenderstem again. However, we would appreciate if you could avoid ordering large quantities for the time being.

Baby Peppers will be unavailable for the next 4-5 weeks while we wait for a new crop to arrive. UK and Spanish loose Corn on the Cob is plentiful but sadly Roscoff Onions are now out of season. English Broad Beans and Peas are in full swing and both great quality and value.

Best Buys: UK Broccoli, UK Cauliflower, UK Green Courgettes, Spring Green & Extra Small New Potatoes.

Salads *IMPORTANT* Please be aware that while the majority of UK grown salad items are now in full swing the current heat wave and lack of rain could mean there is a danger of shortages in the coming weeks should growing conditions be compromised by the weather.

Best Buys: UK Radicchio, UK Chinese Leaf, UK Spring Onions & Cherry Vine Tomatoes

UK Cherries are back in season and taste great. Both Black and White currants and Gooseberries are in full swing as are Flat Peaches.

Lemons are in short supply due to a combination of strikes in South Africa and a poor crop in Argentina. Subsequently the price may increase but as always we will do our best to avoid passing that on to our customers.

The season for Egyptian Oranges will be coming to an end in the next few weeks and we are moving to a Spanish new crop. The same applies to Red and White Grapes. European Kiwis are also finishing and our stock will soon be Chilean.

Best Buys: Blackberries, Blueberries, Cherries, Flat Peaches & Raspberries We would like to remind everyone that we also supply an extensive range of dried goods and dairy products.