Market Report 4th May ‘18 – 18th May ‘18

Hello and welcome to the latest market report.

What better way to start a gloriously sunny Bank Holiday weekend than with news about the delicious fruit and veg your favourite supplier has to offer.

We’ve started to see the first UK Asparagus arrive in the market. It looks fantastic and while it is a little expensive at the moment we expect to see the price drop in the coming weeks. Alternatively, Italian Asparagus is still readily available and tastes great. We can also get French Wild Asparagus.

UK Savoy Cabbage has finished and we are moving to a Portuguese grown new crop. As for Peppers they are now coming from Holland rather than Spain and the same goes for Cucumbers and Tomatoes.

Italian Peas and Broad Beans are both in season and we’ve also seen Nettles for the first time this year.

Finally, wonderfully fragrant UK Garlic is plentiful.

Best Buys: Purple Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spring Greens & Banana Shallots

With some long awaited warmer weather finally arriving we can start to offer some UK grown salad items including pre-packed Baby Spinach and Baby Mixed Leaf. Beautiful Rainbow Radish is back in season and readily available.

Best Buys: Round Lettuce, Cos Lettuce, Watercress & Heritage Tomatoes

The first Spanish Peaches and Nectarines have started arriving. They taste delicious, the quality is good and we hope to see the price drop as availability increases. Apologies if you have received unusually small Melons recently. This is because the South American season is ending but the Spanish season has yet to fully kick in. Sadly, the result is small and expensive Melons but we hope to see an improvement in 2-3 weeks’ time.

In further bad news European Apple crops have been affected by unseasonably bad weather and availability is limited as a result. Quality is suffering but we expect to see things get back to normal in about a month. Blood Oranges are still in full swing but won’t be around for much longer so get them while you can.

Our Lemons which are currently the Primofiori variety will soon be switching to Vernas which could see a slight price increase. Similarly, Limes are now coming from Mexico and not Brazil which will push the price up in the short term.

Lastly, Williams Pears have also ended and we are now using Packhams.

Best Buys: Blueberries & UK Rhubarb

We would like to remind everyone that we also supply an extensive range of dried goods and dairy products.

UK Produce Currently Available




Chippers Choice Potatoes Curly Kale
Donkey Carrots
Extra Small Mid Potatoes Heritage Tomatoes Jacket Potatoes 40, 50, 60 & 80 King Edwards Potatoes Leeks
Lovers Potatoes
Main Crop Potatoes Parsnips
Primo Cabbage
Red and White Onions
Red Kale
Red Potatoes
Shallots (Banana & Round) Spinach
Spring Green Cabbage Swede

Baby Gem
Bay Leaf
Bean Sprouts Beetroot
Bok Choy Chervil
Mizuna Mustard Cress Oregano Parsley (Flat & Curly) Pousse Epinard Red Cabbage Red Chard Roquette Rosemary Round Lettuce Sage
Spring Onions Tarragon Watercress White Cabbage

Cooking Apples Rhubarb Royal Gala Apples Strawberry


As a consequence of the consistent heavy rain and relatively cold conditions over the past month in Kenya, harvesting of Green Beans amongst other products has been delayed and we are seeing some minor quality issues.
Improved conditions are forecast for May but the current situation is very challenging so please be patient and accept our apologies for any issues you may be experiencing as a result. Thank you