Market Report 20th May ‘19 – 3rd Jun ‘19

Hello and welcome to the latest Market Report. Apologies for the delay between this report and the last but the extended break does mean we have plenty to tell you about and with summer just around the corner we are starting to see some delicious UK produce come into season. As ever, you can find all the latest news and information on our website.


UK Asparagus is in full swing and is currently great quality and value. We also have Italian and Spanish grown varieties available.

Red and White Cabbage is in short supply across the Market and we’ve seen the price increase as a result. Sadly it’s the same situation with Onions which you may have noticed are smaller than usual at the moment.

In better news the Jersey New Potato season is at its peak and they look and taste great.
In the next couple of weeks we will be moving to French and/or Spanish Carrots as the English season is coming to an end. Finally, we’ve seen the price of Cauliflowers rise due to cold nights hindering production.

Best Buys: UK Asparagus, Green Courgettes & Jersey Mids


All UK grown salad items are back in season and looking great. These include Baby Gem, Iceberg, Mixed Leaf Salads, Lollo Rosso and Biondi as well as Oakleaf Lettuce.
New season UK Spring Onions are also back in stock.

UK Savoy Cabbage on the other hand has come to an end and our stock is now Portuguese which are larger and better quality.

The Dutch salad season is also up and running and items such as Cucumber, Peppers and Tomatoes will now come from there rather than Spain where the season is winding down.
Lastly, Watermelon Radish is currently unavailable.

Best Buys: UK Iceberg, Baby Gem Lettuce, Pousse Epinard, Heritage Tomatoes & Mixed Leaf Salad


We have seen the first UK Strawberries and Raspberries arriving and while the price is still a little high they are delicious.

Spanish Apricots, Peaches and Nectarines are now here and they are all great quality and value.

Tasty Spanish Cherries are also back in season and we expect to see the price come down in the coming weeks.

Best Buys: Blueberries, Nectarines, Peaches & UK Rhubarb

UK Produce Currently Available




Agria Potatoes Asparagus (Jumbo, Medium & White)
Chippers Choice Potatoes Jacket Potatoes (40, 50, 60 & 80) Jersey New Potatoes
King Edwards Potatoes Leeks
Lovers Potatoes Parsnips
Primo Cabbage
Red Onion
Red Potatoes
Shallots (Round & Banana) Spanish Onion
Spinach (Loose & Pre-Packed) Spring Green Cabbage Swede

Baby Gem Beansprouts Beetroot (Standard, Candy & Golden)
Bok Choi
Chinese Lettuce
Cos Lettuce
Heritage Tomatoes Iceberg Lettuce
Lollo Rosso and Biondi Lettuce Oakleaf Lettuce Peppers (Red, Green, Yellow & Orange)
Red Chard
Round Lettuce
Salad Cress
Spring Onion Watercress
White and Red Cabbage

Blueberries Cooking Apples Raspberries Rhubarb Strawberries

Please Note: Although these UK products are available we may well be stocking produce from other countries due to quality or price issues. If you require UK grown items please specify when placing your order.