Market Report 17th Jan ’19 – 31st Jan ’19

Hello and welcome to the first Market Report of 2019. We hope you had a joyful Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year ahead. As ever, you can find all the latest news and information on our website.


UK grown Cauliflower is in short supply due to recent cold nights that have made for challenging growing conditions.

We would recommend avoiding our selection of Mixed Squashes for the time being as the season is coming to an end meaning quality is poor. Onion prices are set to rise due to high demand coupled with limited availability. Fresh Peas and Broad Beans are back in season and look great.
Wild Mushrooms currently available include Chanterelle, Pied de Mouton, Cepes, Morel, Trompette, Girolle and Pied Bleu.

Best Buys: Jerusalem Artichokes, Curly Kale, Savoy Cabbage, Banana Shallots, Parsnips and Extra Small New Potatoes


The same cold temperatures that have affected Cauliflowers have slowed Kale and Spring Green production in the UK and both are in short supply as a result.
The well-publicised extreme cold snap in many parts of Europe has forced the price of numerous salad items up due to limited availability. These include Lollo Rosso, Lollo Bionda and Oakleaf Lettuce from France and Iceberg, Cos and Celery from Spain.
However, our Spinach is now Spanish as opposed to French because it is both better quality and value.

Lastly, the Rainbow Radish season has sadly come to an end.

Best Buys: Baby Gem Lettuce and Watercress


Fresh Cranberries are sadly no longer available but we can still provide them frozen. Blood Oranges and Lychees on the other hand are in full swing and are great quality and value.
The first of this season’s UK Rhubarb has started to arrive as have South African Apricots. Both are great quality but remain expensive due to limited availability and air freight costs respectively.

Our Orange stock will soon be Egyptian as they are better than the current Spanish crop while Strawberries are both Egyptian and Spanish.
European grown Plums have come to an end and we are now supplying a South African variety.
Finally, UK Apples currently available include Cox, Royal Gala, Braeburn and Russets although the latter will soon be unavailable.
Best Buys: Clementines, Lychees, Blood Oranges and Kaki Fruit


UK Produce Currently Available




Brussels Sprouts Carrots/Donkey Carrots Cauliflower
Chippers Choice Potatoes Curly Kale & Red Kale Jackets 40, 50, 60 & 80 King Edward Potatoes Leeks
Lovers Potatoes
Main Crop Potatoes Maris Piper Potatoes New Potatoes Parsnips
Primo Cabbage
Red Onions
Red Potatoes
Savoy Cabbage Shallots (Banana and Round) Spanish Onions Spring Green Cabbage Swede

Beansprouts Beetroot
Bok Choi Chinese Leaf Lettuce Radish

Red Cabbage Round Lettuce Salad Cress Watercress White Cabbage

Braeburn Apples Cooking Apples Cox Apples Red Apples Rhubarb Royal Gala Apples Russet Apples

Please Note: Although these UK products are available we may well be stocking produce from other countries due to quality or price issues. If you require UK grown items please specify when placing your order.