Market Report 16th Dec ‘16 – 30th Dec ‘16

Hello and welcome to the last market report of 2016!
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom throughout the year and wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.


Brussels Sprouts are still going strong despite a plague of Diamondback moths doing their best to munch through this years crop. They arrived in much higher numbers than ever before and threatened to wipe this traditional trimming off the menu; but fear not as we still have plenty in stock. We can also supply Brussels Stalks and Tops. Purple Broccoli on the other hand is in short supply at the moment and very expensive as a result. We recommend avoiding it if you can. I’m afraid it the same situation with Yellow Courgettes.

In better news both Mixed Chantenay Carrot and Piccolo Parsnip is readily available and currently great value for money.

Finally, unseasonably high rainfall in Kenya may see the price of Green Beans go up in the coming weeks but as always we will do our best not to pass that on to our customers.

Best Buys: Brussels Sprouts, Mixed Chantenay Carrots, Mixed Wild Mushrooms, Parsnips, Golden Beetroot and Candy Beetroot.


French and Italian Spinach is plentiful and we also have Spanish new season Globe Artichoke in stock which is better quality than anything we’ve seen recently.

Best Buys: Curly Kale, Cos Lettuce, Watercress, Cherry Vine Tomatoes, Extra Small New Potatoes

Clementines are plentiful and always popular at this time of year. They taste great and are available with or without leaves. Egyptian Strawberries are in full swing and good value at the moment. That’s the same for Fresh Cranberries. Cape Peaches are also going strong.

UK Apples are still available; choose from Royal Gala, Cox, Braeburn and Russet varieties.
Rhubarb is back in stock but still expensive.  All South American Grapes are coming to an end and we will be moving to Cape new season soon.

Best Buys: Cox Apples, Braeburn Apples, Royal Gala Apples, Blueberries, Clementines, Comice Pears, Raspberries and Cranberries.

We’d like to remind everyone that we can get bunches of Holly and Mistletoe as well as Christmas trees and potted Poinsettias. Please ask when placing your order.

We also have fresh and cooked Chestnuts and Mixed Nuts in shells.

That’s it for this year folks. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in 2017!

UK Produce Currently Available




Banana Shallots Brussels Sprouts, Stalks and Tops Button Onions
Chippers Choice Potatoes Curly Kale
Donkey Carrots
Extra Small Mid Potatoes Jacket Potatoes 40, 50, 60 & 80 Jerusalem Artichokes
King Edwards Potatoes Leeks
Lovers Potatoes
Main Crop Potatoes
Maris Piper Potatoes
Mid Potatoes
Primo Cabbage
Red Kale
Red Onions
Red Potatoes
Savoy Cabbage
Spanish Onions
Spring Greens

Bean Sprouts Beetroot Bok Choi Corn Salad Red Cabbage Round Lettuce Salad Cress Watercress White Cabbage

Braeburn Apples Conference Pears Cooking Apples Cox Apples Cranberries Royal Gala Apples Russet Apples

Please Note: Although these UK products are available we may well be stocking produce from other countries due to quality or price issues. If you require UK grown items please specify when placing your order.