Market Report 13th June ‘19 – 27th June ‘19

Greetings Sheringhams fans and welcome to our latest veg heavy Market Report. With summer (and hopefully some good weather) just around the corner we are starting to see some delicious UK produce come into season. As ever, you can find all the latest news and information on our website.


Unfortunately the supply of both Onions and Potatoes is still struggling to keep up with demand. This has pushed prices up while quality has suffered. Onion varieties affected are Spanish, Button and both Round and Banana Shallots.

UK Spring Onions on the other hand are in full swing as are Spanish and Israeli Carrots which we have moved to following quality issues with our UK grown stock. Our Chantenay Carrots are also now Spanish and quality has noticeably improved but please be aware that they are a little bigger than the UK variety.
The season for Spanish Broccoli has now finished and UK supply remains limited resulting in increased prices.

English Parsnips have come to an end and we have moved to a Spanish new crop. The same can be said for Beetroot.

Piccolo Parsnips are unavailable for the time being as is Wild Garlic, Yukon Gold Potatoes and Monks Beard.

The first of this season’s UK Savoy Cabbage is here and looking good.

Spanish and Italian Asparagus has now finished and with the UK season coming to an end our stock will soon be exclusively Central American.

Red and White Cabbages and Leeks are all in short supply and the price remains high. UK Curly Kale is back in stock and we’ve seen the price of Chillies come down due to improved supply.

Best Buys: UK Asparagus, Loose Corn on the Cob, Spring Greens & Extra Small New Potatoes


We have a wide range of Wild Mushrooms available. Choose from…

Girolle, Cepes, Mousseron and Morel. We also have a limited amount of St. Georges.
Salad Best Buys: UK Baby Gem, UK Chinese Leaf Cabbage, UK Spring Onion & Mixed Heritage Tomatoes


Not much to tell you about on the fruit front I’m afraid other than Blood Oranges have finished until roughly Christmas time but both Red and Green Gooseberries are back in season.

Best Buys: Apricots, Blueberries, Cherries, UK Rhubarb and UK Strawberries

UK Produce Currently Available




Chippers Choice Potatoes Curly Kale
Donkey Carrots
Extra Small New Potatoes Green Courgettes
Jacket Potatoes (40, 50, 60 & 80) King Edwards Potatoes Lovers Potatoes
Main Crop Potatoes
New Potatoes
Primo Cabbage
Radish & Rainbow Radish Red Kale
Red Potatoes
Savoy Cabbage
Shallots (Round & Banana) Spinach (Loose & Pre-Packed) Spring Green Cabbage Swede

Baby Gem Beansprouts
Bok Choi
Chinese Lettuce
Cos, Iceberg and Round Lettuce Cucumber
Curly Endive
Heritage Tomatoes Lambs Leaf Lettuce (Corn Salad) Lollo Rosso and Biondi Lettuce Mint and Coriander Mizuna
MM Tomatoes
Oakleaf Lettuce
Pak Choi
Peppers (Red, Green, Yellow & Orange)
Pousse Epinard (Baby Spinach) Red Chard
Red Cherry Tomatoes Roquette
Salad Cress & Watercress Spring Onion
White and Red Cabbage

Blueberries Cooking Apples Raspberries Rhubarb Strawberries