Kaki Fruit (Persimmon)



Kaki Fruit (Persimmon) are in their prime right now if you fancy trying something different. They are usually only available for a 4 week period only in this prime state but due to excellent weather, the crop is due to carry on for 8 weeks so get in while the going is good.

To introduce Kaki fruit if it is unfamiliar to you, it is an amazing, fleshy, tasty fruit that has a lot of health benefits.

Kaki Fruit has one of the highest antioxidant properties capable of neutralising the effects of radicals that are responsible for many degenerative diseases, for example, Cancer, Vision Loss, Parkinson’s and premature ageing to name a few.

They can also help reduce Wrinkles, Skin Spots, Crows feet and other skin and hair ailments like baldness.


What a Fruit!!! Why not give it a go.

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